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Image: Illustration of the manufacturing process of recycled plastic behind a table on which protective gloves are placed; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/C. Tillmann

Sustainable workwear - Why recycled polyester?

Biodegradable materials

Image: A hand holds biodegradable purple plastic pellets; Copyright: envato/ArseniiPalivoda

Sustainable textiles in action

Image: A container holding reusable materials placed next to a blue jacket; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/C. Tillmann

Workwear recycling

Image: Sustainably recycled cotton T-shirt lies over a bubble wrap; Copyright: envato/ IrynaKhabliuk

Sustainable workwear - what helps?

Infographic: This graphic lists key points for handling workwear for improved sustainability; Copyright: beta-web GmbH/Melanie Prüser, Carina Schmitt
Image: Patterns for sustainable workwear lie on a table; Copyright: envato/IrynaKhabliuk