Exhibitor testimonials A+A 2021

Johannes Türk-König, Manager Distribution South /Nürnberg, Secova GmbH & Co. KG, Rheine, Germany
Secova offers EHS software for work safety (Environment, Health & Safety). The software with the name "sam" includes all functionalities for managers to manage the issue of occupational safety. This also includes training and instruction. Mr. Türk-König outlines the advantages: “Everyone in the company can have operable access. The effectiveness of the browser-based courses is checked on logic and understanding. We have been very successful with this since 2008. Since then we are exhibitor at A+A."
Carlo Saponaro, Marketing-Manager, Base Protection Srl Unipersonale, Barletta, Italy
Carlo Saponaro has been working for Base Protection for two years. Before his current job, he was already visiting a lot of other industry fairs: "For me, A+A stands out positively from other trade fairs, because it covers all important areas." This year, special attention is paid to the image aspect of the Base brand. Mr. Saponaro explains: “We paid particular attention to the staging of the exhibition stand, what was implemented well. This increases our recognition value and differentiates us from our competitors. But of course there is no shortage of new products, such as newly patented shoes with a lot of comfort and maximum protection."
Annelie Kock Ronnow, Marketing Coordinator Export, Haderslev, Denmark
Ms. Kock-Ronnow is happy about the current situation. “The order situation is optimal. Today, on day two, the number of visitors at the stand is not very high, but the quality of business talks is good.” The new Pro-Plus collection, which will be launched in 2022, is an important focus at their booth. Specifically, she says: “We continued to address the requirements of industrial laundry and the mechanical elongation properties were improved. Overall, we continue to focus on ecology and sustainability through the use of recycled plastic." As every year, contact with all European cooperation partners is part of the trade fair program.
Niels Karlowsky, Business Development Manager/Head of Export-Marketing-IT, Karlowsky Fashion GmbH, Wanzleben-Börde, Germany
Karlowsky Fashion GmbH is a family business and was founded in 1892. The traditional company is a regular exhibitor at A + A. Niels Karlowsky is looking forward to the coming days: “This year the range is very diverse and the exhibitors are international. We like to be inspired. ” The company is particularly active in the Hotel, Restaurant, Medicine and Care sectors. A current highlight is certification with the “Green Button”. “The Green Button” is a state certificate for textiles produced in a socially and ecologically sustainable manner. He states: "We are very proud of this and would like to play a pioneering role in terms of transparency and ecology."
Masaru Masa Yoda, Head of International Business Department, Innophys Co., LTD, Tokyo, Japan
The company Innophys manufactures the "muscle suit". An innovative construction that embraces the back and arms and supports them in all movements. Heavy carrying and repetitive movements become lighter and are gentle. Physical discomfort is avoided and mobility is possible into old age. Mr. Yoda states: “We want to expand and focus on Europe. A+A is the ideal place to find partners for distribution. We have already found what we are looking for in France, Spain and Italy. ” The Japanese company was founded in 2013 and has so far been very successful, mainly in Japan. This is the first time at A+A.
Jonas Dörnen, Distribution Manager, JLG Industries, Inc. Genk, Belgien
JLG Industries, Inc. is one of the world's leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of access equipment. The company is currently celebrating its 55th anniversary. The sales manager reports: “A+A gives us access to large international companies. This is unique and we can further expand our success through the contacts. ”The company's product range is large, but there is one special highlight at the stand: “For access at low heights, we have a ladder replacement in the demonstration. Conventional ladders have a very high safety risk. The topic currently plays an important role for us."
Hanna Pfennings, Sales Manager, A4VR GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany
The A4VR agency is a large service provider in the field of VR (Virtual Reality) production. VR refers to an artificial reality created by special hardware and software, into which you can immerse yourself through VR glasses. Ms. Pfennings says: “We used to have nothing to do with Occupational Safety. But a few years ago we developed "Flamecoach", a VR fire protection tool. We use this to simulate a fire situation. With heat and fragrance simulation! "The VR expert is visibly enthusiastic:" The feedback so far has been very positive and our trade fair expectations have been fully met."
Ricardo Silva Vilela, Owner, Soft Works Professional Shoes, Franca, Brazil
"My father originally founded the company and we have now developed into a major manufacturer of safety shoes with over 300 employees and 14.000 shoes production volume per day," says Mr. Vilela. The shoes are used in hospitals, hotels and kitchens. A+A has been very successful so far: “We are expanding internationally, we are making many contacts here. There is no better place in the world for it”, she mentions. Soft Works takes part as an exhibitor for the second time. To exhibit is also firmly planned in two years' time.