Visitor statements A+A 2021

Vasily Yansell, General Manager, Safety Consult, Moscow, Russia
Vasily Yansell has been coming to Düsseldorf from Russia for A+A for over 15 years. When asked which areas he is particularly interested in, he replies: “All of them. For me, the fair is ideal because we offer comprehensive advice on Occupational Health and Safety. Our customers come from the gas, chemical and communications industries. ”The Russian company analyzes the optimization of processes, is familiar with quality standards and has a broad network of production companies. At A+A, Vasily Yansell is mainly about discovering trends and new solutions.
Julian Reidl, Deputy Managing Director, Reidl GmbH & Co. KG, Hutthurm, Germany
Julian Reidl is only at the fair for one day and has a lot of plans. He says: “We are dealers specializing in Occupational Safety, Hardware und Tools. We now have a large online shop.” The young managing director has set himself the goal of finding manufacturers and making as many contacts as possible. When asked about his priorities, he replies: "High visibility clothing in particular plays a special role for us this year."
Alexandra Dragounova, Head of Technologists – Designers, Malfini, a.s., Czech Republic Marketa Spulakova, Senior Product Manager, Malfini, a.s., Tschechien, Czech Republic
“It is a matter of course to visit A+A in Düsseldorf. In the past, we or our colleagues have visited every trade fair. For us it is an important meeting point and we use the fair to get inspiration for new designs,” reports designer Alexandra Dragounova. The colleague responsible for product management adds: “We want to visit really a lot of exhibiton stands, but this day is available for us. When we will arrive our office, I know how we can start with our new impressions from A+A.” They quickly go to the next hall.
Daiva Geruliene, Head of Product, VitaMeda, Kaunas, Lithuania
The product manager of the Lithuanian textile manufacturer visits A+A for the second time. The company is represented at the fair with a total of four people in order to establish international contacts. Ms. Geruliene states: “We have a lot of appointments. A+A is the most important trade fair for us, which is why we also use the time in the evening to meet up for dinner.” She is particularly interested in new materials and designs. Regarding the development of the industry, she states: “Product cycles are getting shorter and shorter and we have to keep developing. Fortunately, however, the development is not as fast as in everyday fashion."
Jackie Curry, BBA CSCMP, Supply Chain Manager, Mister Safety Shoes Inc., Ingersoll, Canada John Colantonio, Managing Director, Mister Safety Shoes Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Both of them have known A+A from past years. John Colantonio has been attending the show since 1989. He reports: “The fair got bigger and bigger and has established itself as an international meeting point for the industry. This year is a little less busy, but that's no problem for us. The reasons are known.” Ms. Curry adds:“ We also meet all important people regardless of the exhibiting company. They are here as visitors, even if the company does not have an exhibiton stand.” In the future, their company Mister Safety Shoes would like to focus on local producers in order to optimize the supply chain. That means the European market is more interesting than the Asian one.
Emmanouela Impalla, Politis Dr. rer. nat. Ewelina Broda-Kaczmarek, Plant and Process Safety, Prevention, BG RCI Berufsgenossenschaft, Heidelberg, GermanyTheodoros Co, Peristeri, Greece
Ms. Broda-Kaczmarek used to work in the chemical industry and remembers: “Back then, workwear wasn't very practical. The offer today is different: modern and practical. I am enthusiastic about the high quality and large number of offers here at A + A. ” Getting a good overview of the market is important to her, because the employers' liability insurance association advises the members. She tells: “We offer seminars and create information materials on the subject of Occupational Safety, which is why we need to know the market. That's why I'm here. ” She adds: “Workwear has now become an important aspect of employee marketing. People attach great importance to good style. "
Torsten Schwerdt, Technical Sales Manager, Kromachem Ltd, Watford, England
Mr. Schwerdt visits the trade fair for the first time and is the representative of an English medium-sized chemical manufacturer. The English company wants to set up a plant in Germany and find out more about legal regulations and the implementation of all Occupational Safety measures here at A+A. Mr. Schwerdt states: “I quickly found what I was looking for. Employee training, for example, is a very important topic for us. Generally there is an expert for every question."
Frank Tluste, Founder, EST-Arbeitssicherheit, Hümmerich, Germany Sabine Tluste, Co-Founder

The two specialists from Westerwald have two important topics on their agenda: Protective Clothing and Software, for example for operating instructions and training. Mr. Tluste states: “We don't just want to get information, we also need specific offers. That has worked very well so far, we were able to reach all important contact persons.” Unfortunately, neither of them has time to stroll around to explore the large area. Because only one day is planned for A+A.