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The visionary founder of COgear, Kym O’Leary, has launched HMZ: a groundbreaking hemming solution for workwear in the resources sector.

Redefining the fit of garments by employing tear-away hems, the patented HMZ design feature delivers easily adjustable hems, representing a significant breakthrough in garment construction.

For inventor Kym O’Leary, the HMZ solution was born out of a desire to approach hemming differently. Her patented pull-tab method of adjusting hem lengths responds innovatively to the needs of resources sector personnel, so that they can work more comfortably and efficiently in demanding environments.

Tailored for industry – features and benefits of HMZ

  • Convenience: HMZ allows the length of workwear to be effortlessly adjusted, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming alterations.
  • Diverse size options: HMZ’s patented pull-tab method means that individuals can find the perfect fit for their body. This high level of customisation ensures optimal functionality and performance in challenging work environments.
  • Improved safety: HMZ’s ability to deliver impeccably tailored workwear eliminates trip hazards, improving safety and comfort in the workplace.
HMZ inventor Kym O’Leary said that she thought outside the box when developing her idea for HMZ. “COgear had been asked to bring out its women’s pants in multiple lengths but, as a small business, from a cashflow perspective we couldn’t afford to hold more stock. I had to think differently,” she explained. “Was there a smarter way we could meet the need for different leg lengths – maybe a 4-in-1 style?”

O’Leary began experimenting with the idea of an adjustable hem based on a mechanism in chicken feed bags that she remembered from her farm-based childhood. “Embracing your unique perspective is empowering,” she said. “It’s fascinating how not being confined by traditional expectations opens a world of limitless possibilities.”

 Other advice for would-be inventors from the COgear founder includes researching thoroughly, leveraging R&D opportunities, securing ideas with provisional patents, and – crucially – persevering through challenges. “Every test brings you closer to realising your invention’s full potential,” she said.

 O’Leary looks forward to seeing industry embrace the transformative power of the HMZ solution. Designed for customisable precision, ultimate comfort and improved safety, HMZ sets a new standard in workwear construction – enhancing wellbeing and performance in the workplace.

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