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A central steering group visited Tuoying, Hubei Province, to guide the prevention and control of the epidemic


On January 28, the central steering group visited Hubei Tuoying New Materials Co., Ltd.&#...
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Armadillo GmbH Established in Germany


Armadillo GmbH establish 2022 in Germany.  Armadillo GmbH is the only distributor of Kardelen in the world. Armadillo GmbH is looking for new dealer in whole Germany. Currently, there are 3...
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Taiwan Accreditation Foundation


Advance Hitech Textile International Corporation is accredited in respect of laboratory.
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Pfizer-BioNTech Hospital Vaccine Delivery


We were approached by the NHS when Pfizer and BioNTech announced positive phase three results of their vaccine. As the Vaccine required storage at -70 degrees, our CE Labelled Frosters products were...
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Scilabub Gloves used for protection during vaccine trials.


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited the University of Oxford's Jenner Institute following the restart of Covid vaccine trials for a tour of the lab. Our cryogenic gloves can been seen in action...
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Scilabub Froster’s Cryogenic Gloves feature in this #RAZOR episode on CGTNEurope


Scilabub Froster’s Cryogenic Gloves feature in this #RAZOR episode on CGTNEurope as Professor Ding explains Cryobattery technology. The process utilises air liquefaction, in which ambient air is...
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